Frugal Gift Ideas for Boss's Day

As Boss's Day is just round the corner it's time to start thinking about what gift to present to your boss. And you don't necessarily have to spend lots of money to show your appreciation. A thoughtful memorable but affordable gift will help express your appreciation even if you're staying on a budget. Below you will find 10 frugal gifts to impress your supervisor or a team of executives with on Boss's Day.

1. USB Portable Charger

USB Portable Charger

If your boss is often away on business trips, he or she will find a USB portable charger pretty useful. This device can easily fit in a pocket and provides extra power for such modern gadgets as smartphones, tablets, iPads and others. There are a variety of models that start from $45.

2. Homemade Treats

Homemade Treats

If you love baking consider making some of your favorite cookies, brownies and other sweet treats. Home-baked sweets is a simple and affordable way to show you care and are sure to be appreciated by the boss and colleagues. The ingredients may cost from $20 to $30, depending on quantity.

3. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Help your boss stay organized and eliminate clutter at the work place with a desk organizer. There is a great choice of functional organizers designed to keep office stationery, gadgets and other useful essentials in order available in different sizes to fit any work space. The price starts from $25 and up, depending on the brand and type.

4. Miniature Terrarium

Miniature Terrarium

Add some greenery to the office of your boss with these cute miniature collections of exotic plants and shrubs. Miniature plant terrariums typically cost around $20, and there are even customizable kits with different themes.

5. Oversized Coffee Mug

Oversized Coffee Mug

An oversized mug with a clever saying or some simplistic design is a perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover. Make sure you take into account the boss's personality and sense of humor when choosing a mug with a quote or creative message.

6. Personalized Desk Clock

Personalized Desk Clock

There is a great variety of attractive desk clock that will look great on a desk or shelf in the office. Whether you opt for a cube clock or one with sculpture-like design personalized with the boss's name, an inspirational quote or even a memorable message such affordable gift (from $30 up to $50) is sure to be appreciated.

7. Coffee Blend or Tea Gifts

Coffee Blend or Tea Gifts

If you know the type of tea or coffee your boss prefers you can purchase an oversized bag of coffee in your supervisor's favorite flavor or a pack of tea from his or her favorite brand.

8. Gourmet Chocolate

Gourmet Chocolate

A box of fine chocolate or a gourmet gift basket filled with an assortment of truffles, chocolate bars and candy items is sure to please even the toughest lady boss. You can arrange the gift basket yourself or purchase a pre-made basket from an online gift retailer at the price that ranges from $20 to $40.

9. Fruit Arrangements

Fruit Arrangements

For the health-conscious boss consider arranging a fruit basket, bouquet, sculpture or fresh fruit platter arrangement delivered to the office exactly on Boss's Day. Gourmet fruit gifts start around $20 to $30.

10. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

If your boss is passionate about paintball it might be a good idea to order some personalized gifts devoted to his hobby.