How to Prepare and Win a Game of Paintball

In order to even play a game of paint ball you will first need a marker (paintball gun) and canister of CO2 in a 12 ounce tank. A little advice is to make sure your canister is full before heading out onto the field. Nothing is worse than realizing your canister is empty in the middle of a game. You will be a goner. Both of these supplies are available for rent on most paintball fields. A few added tips are wearing a scarf to protect your throat from the impact of shots as well as a hat for your head. You will already be required to wear a mask but a hat will provide extra cushion because head shots can be quite painful.

Unpleasant Moments in Paintball

Also, carry at least 800 rounds of paint balls with you. This adds up to about 4 - 6 pods of ammo. It can get heavy so use your judgement on how much is right for you. In one of the pods try to fit wipes. These wipes will come in handy for cleaning off your face mask mid game. Next clean your marker and make sure it fires properly. It will be a huge bummer if you get out on the field, ready to start a game, only to realize your marker is not functioning properly. Lastly, make sure your marker gets chronograph. This mechanism measures the velocity of your marker. If a marker's velocity is too high it has the potential to seriously injure someone. No one is playing paint ball to get hurt, we all just want to have fun.

Now that you are prepared for the field, lets discuss how to win. First, know your team. Discuss your teams strengths and weaknesses. Also figure out if anyone is a good sniper or if you all have to go into attack mode. If you have a good sniper then you will be able to set up traps for the other team to walk right into. If you do not and you all are attackers then discuss plays that will cover the ground in order to get to the other team. A side note is try not to wear too bright of colors - it is preferred to blend in with the scenery. The more noticeable you are the easier you are to target.

Just as you need to know your team - know your opponents. Many times you will be playing strangers so you do not exactly know their strengths and weaknesses but you can access their ammo. Take note of how much ammo each player has - this will help you determine who to knock out first. Also notice if any one has paint grenades, so that you are not blindsided when one comes flying.

Once you have your plan of attack - pick a squad to lead and a squad to follow for cover. This way you will have each others backs. Another idea is to send out two team members in the beginning to located the where abouts of the other team. This way you can adjust your plans accordingly. Make sure to attack confidently. If you hesitate for a moment you could be shot. It is okay to change the plan as you good but keep your attack strong.

Team in Paintball

A cool trick for the field is to arrive in a brightly colored shirt but once you get on the field change into camouflage gear. This way you can set a trap for your opponents by hanging the shirt some where and hiding near by as the opposing team goes to check it out. Many opponents can be taken out of the game this way.

Once you win - change your game plan every time. If you do not then your opponents will see whats coming and fix their mistakes. What you should be doing is slightly changing your game plan and fixing your mistakes in order to take an even greater victory next time. Lastly, a tip for all players - ALWAYS ALWAYS protect and guard who invited you or possible paid for you. It is a common courtesy.