National Paint Ball Tournament

Dynastypaintball - National Paint Ball Tournament

If you are looking for some adventure, you might want to check out the National Paint Ball tournament in Louisville Kentucky which will take over the Water Tower Park. It is one of the largest of the paintball tournaments around. The Mid-South-ex-ball-league baseballtournament takes over the park this weekend.Not only are there local competitors but teams from all other areas like Florida and Chicago attend.The paintball participants say that it's not just the game that draws them to this event but they build relationships on and off the course.“ that is my favorite part of it… how many amazing friends you can make”, Jackson Smith, one of the participants states.” My team feels like a family to me, it's a big community. We get players from all over the nation, but everyone knows each other. It's also good sportsmanship.”If you miss a paintball fun this Saturday but still want to check it out, the tournament will run again on Sunday from 8 AM to 7 PM.