Top 5 Paintball Masks to Buy

Both new and experienced paintball players agree that having the right mask is essential for success in this game. For those who are looking for a new mask, here is a list of the top mask choices which are currently on the market. While there is no universal mask which suits perfectly all players no matter what is their experience and skill level, this list will help you look into the merits of different masks available so that you could make the right choice.

Top 5 Paintball Masks

1. Empire Helix

If you're a beginner or are just looking for an affordable mask with dual-paned lens, Helix is the best option to consider then. Renting a marker won't be a problem, but not every field provides masks with dual-pane lenses to rent. When your mask fogs up during the game, you can't really play because you just can't see. The Helix features a dual-pane lens, and together with the ample ventilation, perfectly resists fogging. The cheap price and effectiveness of this mask make it the best choice for any paintballer on a budget.

2. JT Spectra Flex-8 Full Cover

If you prefer a mask that covers your head entirely, not just your face, then you will need a full coverage mask for the higher level of protection. While most full coverage masks on the market lack ventilation the Flex-8 Full Cover is different. It offers total protection without sacrificing ventilation. The entire mask is dotted with vents and comes with a dual-pane lens, so currently this model offers both the best full head protection and visibility.

3. Vforce Grillz

Players love this mask for excellent visibility and ventilation. All models come standard with a clear lens and a tinted one for outdoor play. The lenses are single pane and feature a fog resistant coating on the inside. Vforce also offers a great assortment of different dual-pane lenses that can be purchased separately if needed. Made of a pliable rubber, the mask is ideal for scenario players who use markers with a stock or optics. Due to the soft rubber and low profile of the mask paintballplayers can easily press their cheek against the stock of the marker and get behind any optics or sights they may use.

4. Dye I4

Known as mask with the best visibility available the I4 offers absolutely unparalleled visibility and ventilation, but lacks protection. In other words, the I4 consists of a massive dual-pane lens and a very small mask, so this mask is probably not the best choice for the beginners who will feel almost every headshot, since their head is not protected. In any case it would be best to complement the I4 with a hat or padded headband for added head protection. The mask features an incredibly low profile which is perfect for scenario players as the mask doesn't prevent getting behind your sights. It takes 30 seconds to change the lens - quicker than any other existing mask. The I4 is available in a number of colors and patterns, and can come with a variety of dual-paned lenses available.

5. Sly Profit

Sly Profit is definitely the most comfortable mask on the market, not to mention excellent visibility it offers. It features a plush, felt-lined foam covering the ear pads and around the lens. What sets the Profit apart from other masks is two adjustable goggle straps instead of one that ensure a comfortable fit. The mask comes standard with a dual-pane lens, plus the mask has plenty of ventilation. Keep in mind that plush foam on the ear pads might reduce your ability to hear, but most players consider this disadvantage well worth the added comfort and fit that the Profit offers.

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